Excitement builds as our feet crunch along the gravel path.  Breath hangs in the cold night air and voices fall to a whisper as the tipis appear, glowing in the near distance.  Expectation rises as the heavy wooden doors are pushed open; warmth welcomes us as we enter a sparkling Christmas wonderland… 

Following on from the success of last year’s Christmas Feast Nights, Wild Tipi and Pencoose Pantry have teamed up again to host a series of sumptuous Christmas feasts this December; this time in a brand-new location in the beautiful surrounds of Trewithen Gardens, Probus.

Guests at the two-night Christmas Feasts will experience their very own kind of Christmas Tipi Magic as they dine by the firepit, with fairy lights and boughs of holly dancing above their heads.  Pencoose Pantry will be cooking a three-course menu of deliciously cooked, seasonal and locally sourced food, accompanied by ceilidh dancing, music and laughter.  The magic of these evenings comes from the secluded, hidden locations chosen for the nights; the lack of a seating plan means that people are brought together; stories are shared and friendships old and new are made and rekindled.

The delicious menu will include beautifully cooked hot and cold standing starters followed by slow roasted Cornish duck with a rich cranberry and port reduction.  Once tummies are full and whistles are whet, inhibitions will be cast aside for music and dancing with a Cornish ceilidh band.

Here at Wild Tipi, we love bringing people together and our Feast Nights are the perfect chance to do just that.  They give guests the chance to escape from their busy lives for a night, meet up with old friends and make new ones.  Guests will gather around the firepit, while glasses are chinked and sumptuous smells drift from the kitchen; we awaken the senses, immerse you in nature and bring the Christmas Spirit to life for the night.

These Feasts are truly unique and help to celebrate the spirit of a Cornish Christmas.  They offer guests the chance to relax and unwind in a beautiful space and sample some of the finest cooking Cornwall has to offer.  Its brilliant to work with two other such amazing Cornish brands and bring us together to create something that truly captures the spirit of Christmas in Cornwall.