Heal with Wild Tipi

The Healing Power of Nature

Through our own personal experience, we have realised the healing power of immersing yourself in nature. Switching off from everyday life. We want the opportunity for more people to feel the benefits of connection to nature. Tipi’s have always been a place to heal, to come together for shelter  and warmth. Once your inside you cannot help but feel comfortable. The ambiance that is created has the ability to calm and make you feel secure.

From art therapy to yoga, we will be organising a vast array of workshops throughout the year to enable as many people as possible to get involved. You can expect expert course facilitators, incredible lunches and a deeper connection with the environment.

Keep in touch for a list of our upcoming workshops these workshops will be purely provided to give back to those that need it and is not for profit.


Wild Tipi – Bringing people together.