We followed the path and it led to Cornwall

Between the cool of the woods and the salt air of the ocean, we found a place where we could slow down and fall into step with nature.

In 2005, we put down roots in the Cornish countryside. Our aim was to work together as a family; to teach our children about the earth beneath their feet and everything that sprouts from it.

Along the way, we did something wild. We purchased two giant wooden-frame tipis. We found secluded pockets of land where the grass grew long and the views went on forever. We found local people who understood what we were trying to do and who wanted to help. And we turned what was a dream into a blindingly beautiful reality.

Meet the Family

Wild Tipi is a Cornish family-run business, set up 18 months ago by husband and wife team, Sam and Tim Moore. Their Wild Tipi team is continually growing and is made up of an awesome group of like-minded individuals all who bring their unique talents.

Sam and Tim
Partners and Owners of Wild Tipi

Marketing Manager

Office support

Stores Manager

Team Leader

Nancy, Louis, Tom, Lucia, Ian, Ben, Cy, Nick & Rae