Wild Tip has invested many thousands of pounds in our Tipi rental equipment, and therefore it is essential that all our equipment is fully insured for the period of hire.

Standard practice throughout the Event Hire industry identifies that the customer is liable for all loss and damage to the hired equipment during the period of hire, as stated on our Terms and Conditions.

The customer should insure the equipment themselves against accidental loss or damage, through a reputable wedding or event insurance company, we can recommend one if you require. To help mitigate the cost for this, we offer a Damage Waiver.

We offer our customers a Damage Waiver as identified in section 5.6 of our Terms and Conditions, for a cost of 3% of the total hired equipment cost. This will protect the customer against accidental loss or accidental damage to our hired equipment during the period of hire.

The Damage Waiver fee does not cover public liability, or event cancellation, only accidental loss or accidental damage to our hired equipment. All other liabilities must be covered with the customers own event insurance.

The following conditions apply to the Damage Waiver.

  • The customer excess (the amount the customer is liable for) is £500 for the cost of repairs and replacement caused accidental loss or accidental damage to the hired equipment.
  • The customer is liable for all loss or damage, resulting from wilful neglect or legal liability.
  • The customer is responsible for adhering to any special security arrangements that have been agreed, where the hired equipment is being left un-attended in a public space. The customer will be fully liable for loss or damage to the equipment, resulting from failure to adhere to any prior agreement relating to site specific security arrangements.
  • The customer must provide evidence of event insurance covering other liabilities.

Please note that our Damage Waiver Insurance is NOT event insurance, which must be supplied by the customer.